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According to Karl Kempton in his essay within the bindings of the seminal text/book 'the last Vispo anthology 1998-2008' -

"The contemporary visual poem is generally composed with assembled and / or disassembled language material. This stuff of language includes - word, text, note, code, petroglyph, letter or phonic character, type, cipher, symbol, pictograph, sentence, number, hieroglyph, rhythm, iconograph, grammar, cluster, stroke, ideogram, density, pattern, diagram, logogram, accent, line, colour measure etc."

I like this list because I feel it encapsulates my relationship to the practice of being a visual poet. Not that this is the complete sum of my parts but, with the addition of the 'etc' at the end of the list, it goes a long way towards explaining why I do what I do. 

Below is a sample of my visual poems. All have been published in numerous journals and anthologies. 

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