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Messages From Elsewhere - An Alien Graffiti is a collection of 26 sigils or elaborate glyphs of great beauty and strangeness intercepted and committed to paper with ink, charcoal and correction fluid. Approaching language but escaping interpretation, these messages will haunt, mesmerise and elude their readers.

"This is complex, powerful and compelling work with a a touch of horror movie tension. Even the explosive shapes have an integral structure all their own. Are these micro-structures? Through one lens, yes. Are they huge and moving constructions, gobbling stars in their journey? Through another lens, yes. The creators of this alphabet must be quite formidable."

Hart Broudy, visual poet and co-curator of Concrete is Porous

"Made by hand as a sequence of gestures, part letter, partly aspiring to letter and glyph, partly moving away from those symbolic simplifications, among drawn and written forms combined into humorous, seriously playful clutch of possible, oddly demonic in that they seem almost familiar and potential objects dredged out of wonder. this delightful book carries an alternative reader with great curiosity onward. Messages From Elsewhere spells c-r-e-a-t-i-v-t-y and announces a significant player in visual poetics to all who can listen. Richard Biddle brings a smudge to love."

Cris Cheek author of Fukc All the King's Men: The Tower and a Few Beasts Living in the Rubble

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