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'CONSCIOUSNESS begins with a list of words that can be made from the letters of ‘consciousness’, Richard Biddle unravels a sequence of lively word games and visual poetries - semantic and asemic, simple and complex; playful and rigorous.'

It was published by Penteract Press in 2020 and sold out so is currently out of print. Listen to the podcast I recorded with Anthony Etherin where I discuss how it came about and how I make my work.

"In this book, Richard Biddle takes delight in an exuberantly heterogeneous series of spins and riffs on the word 'consciousness'. The visual poems are inventive, challenging and frequently whimsical, each one defined by its own process and aesthetic. the artist has found a uniquely colourful poetry in graph paper, inky violence, anarchic typography and geometric patterns. Consciousness is chaotic energy crystallised into some of the most exciting visual poetry I have read."

James Knight

"What's in a word? The permutational poem on the cover of this book is one answer to this question - but the books contents take the game one step further, turning each word into a visual poem of stunning complexity and inventiveness, moulding a portrait of the artist's consciousness, demonstrating the alchemical potential in language."

Joakim Norling

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