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Richard Biddle is an experimental artist/poet. His work has been published in numerous anthologies and journals. 

I approach creativity with an intuitive playfulness using whatever processes and mediums suggest themselves to me. I am inspired by the 'not-knowingness' of outcome. For me, the process is the product; something that evolves from the imaginative realms of being human. Consequently, each object I make embodies a unique conceptual aesthetic. 

Books -

Messages From Elsewhere – An Alien Graffiti @timglaset 2019

Consciousness @PenteractPress 2020

Seaview @ProjectSelf  2021

Cosmologorrhea @SteelIncisors 2022

Black & White & Read All Over @ProjectSelf 2024


Twitter: @littledeaths68

Instagram: richard_biddle1968

Etsy shop: RichardBiddleVispo

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